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The Bonaire Business & Employers Association (BBE) was officially founded in November 2012. As the independent employers ‘ organization  we represent the interests of all entrepreneurs on the island, by acting as lobbyist towards the local and national Government. As such we are recognized as the discussion partner from the private sector on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.

BBE has received wide acceptance and support through its target group, which are all businesses on Bonaire. Both individual companies and other industry associations on the island have already signed up as members of the association. BBE is officially recognized by the Chamber of Commerce, the public entity of Bonaire and the representative and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. We are also in contact and exchange information on a regular basis with associations on surrounding islands and in the European part of the Netherlands. This cooperation is essential to contribute to the economic growth and increase the purchasing power on Bonaire.

The priorities and agendas of BBE are determined among the members through their input and involvement. The board members represent different sectors that make up the economy of Bonaire, such as the hotel and restaurant industry, retail, wholesale and the business services sector. 

Questions? Feel free to contact us at: board@bonairebe.com.

BBE’s goals are:

  • To represent its members social-economic interests.
  • To assist and advise its members concerning social-economic issues, and
  • To promote the dialogue between entrepreneurs, employers and branch organizations on Bonaire.
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BBE has two types of members:

  • Any association, based on Bonaire, that directly or indirectly represents common interests of businesses on Bonaire.
  • Any business that is based on Bonaire.
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BBE Board of Directors

Eddy Carrillo

Interim President

Nadine Emerenciana

Interim Boardmember

BBE staff

Anja Romeijnders

BBE Development Manager


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