Social economic entrepreneur and employers interests representation on Bonaire

The Bonaire Business & Employers Association (BBE), founded on November 30th 2012 represents the social economic interests of its members, assists its members with social economic issues and promotes the dialogue between entrepreneurs, employers and section organizations on Bonaire.

Collaboration is essential in making BBE and consequently Bonaire as a whole, successful. By joining forces we can maximize the (business) potential we have on Bonaire.

BBE focuses on the following three themes:

  • Entrepreneurial and business climate
  • Improvement of prosperity and well-being
  • Sustainable business

We aim to contribute our efforts in these areas to realize a business and entrepreneurial environment in which:

  • All entrepreneurs, and our members in particular, are able to run a financially sound company.
  • All entrepreneurs/employers and employees are able to provide in more than just basic necessities for themselves and their families and in which they can develop themselves further, just as one would expect for a resident of the Netherlands (the European and Caribbean parts).
  • Entrepreneurs are able to run their business in a sustainable way.

We do this by promoting the establishment of shared points of view within the membership, and to promote and defend these opinions where ever applicable and appropriate.

This takes place through meetings with third parties, such as the local and national government, and through cooperation with similar organizations, in particular entrepreneur and employers organizations in the other parts of our Kingdom. We promote, and if needed initiate rules and regulations needed by our business community. BBE represents the interests of the employers and entrepreneurs of Bonaire in a number of counsels and organizations, such as the Bonaire Trade and Investment Board (in formation),  Central Dialogue, the Island Crime Prevention Platform.

Membership is open to individual companies, registered with the Chamber of Commerce on Bonaire, as well as section organizations, registered with the Chamber of Commerce on Bonaire. Please contact us for more information on membership.

Why should you sign up as a member? BBE is widely accepted by the relevant authorities and supported through its membership, which consists of businesses and organizations that have a business interest on Bonaire.

Are you eligible as a member? Businesses and sector organizations, based on Bonaire, which is proven through the registration with the Chamber of Commerce on Bonaire, are eligible to become a member of the BBE.

Membership fees? Annual membership fee starts at $50,- depending on your company profile.

How do you sign up as a member? It is very easy to sign up as a member! Click on the button below and fill out the form and submit your details. We shall contact you shortly after that to confirm your membership, which will come into effect upon the receipt of the membership fee.

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