BBE’s goals are:

  • To represent its members social-economic interests.
  • To assist and advise its members concerning social-economic issues, and
  • To promote the dialogue between entrepreneurs, employers and branch organizations on Bonaire.

We try to reach these goals through:

  • Arranging the definition of a common point of view between the membership concerning appropriate issues, and representing this point of view when and where needed or desired.
  • Consulting with third parties, and, upon our members’ request, assisting individual members when they consult with third parties.
  • Setting up, and maintaining a network with similar organizations, in particular entrepreneurs and/or employers associations in other parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and/or Caribbean region and/or trade partners of Bonaire and with (semi-)governmental offices and unions.
  • Promoting the realization, and where needed, contribute to the realization, of measurements and provisions that are needed by the business community.
  • Forming and supporting interest groups and workgroups from amongst the membership
  • Advising and informing the membership as well as publishing information concerning social-economic issues.
  • Representing the members interests in colleges and organs that deal with, or touch upon, the interests of businesses on Bonaire,
  • As well as all other that is needed to realize the goals of the association.

For the years 2015 and 2016 BBE has chosen to focus on the following two issues:

  • entrepreneurship
  • economical development


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